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Ford Fleet
 Whole life cost calculator
If you're planning to add to your fleet, there's probably one major deciding factor - cost.

We can provide you with detailed 'cost of ownership' figures, prepared by an independent source, CarCost by KeeResources' KWIKCarcost for any car in the Ford range.

With these in front of you, you'll be able to see how cost-effective owning and running a Ford will be.

The following screen contains a series of drop-down boxes that will allow you to select vehicles along a projected contract period from 1 year 20,000 miles to 4 years 80,000 miles. You can select individual models or build a table of up to ten models to view and compare.
1. Select the model you want to check
2. Select the series you want to check
3. Select the bodystyle you want
4. Select the engine size you want
5. Select the replacement period for the vehicle
This link opens in a new window All data is produced from CarCost by KeeResources' KWIKCarcost - an independent industry data provider - and updated on a monthly basis.

All data shown is valid until the end of June 2018.
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